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Involving you

We want every child in school to have access to a healthy meal option at lunchtime, so we're always looking for new ideas to increase the uptake of school meals.

As well as working closely with you, we'll engage children and parents, and use the following promotion and marketing techniques to increase the number of pupils choosing a school lunch.

Dining room branding

We'll advise you how to make your dining room more inviting to children, whether it's through eye catching marketing or your choice of dining room furniture and servery equipment.

Engaging parents

We're happy to give presentations to parents, to let them know what our service can offer and advise them about school meal options. At some schools, we already do this for parents of new starters as part of their child's school welcome pack, but we're happy to open it up to the whole school if you wish.

We can also run pupil and parent focus groups. These groups enable us to talk about what we can offer but, more importantly, they can give parents and pupils the ideal opportunity to tell us what they think about the service and put forward any ideas they have for improving and enhancing the service; they also give those taking part a sense of ownership, especially if they can see that we're using their ideas. 


We run a number of promotions throughout the year to help increase the take-up of school meals.

These can be customised for your school and we'll work with you to maximise the outcome and sustain any improved level of take-up, resulting in improved consumption of healthy school meals and possible reduction in the average cost per meal charge of your service level agreement.  

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