Fresh produce

Sourcing our food

Local supply reducing food miles

We're keen to source all our produce locally and have many years experience of working with the suppliers in our area. We currently buy our meat fresh from Yorkshire farms, milk and free range eggs from farms around the borough, seasonal fruit and vegetables locally, and bread from Barnsley. Check our food map to see where we source our produce.

We're conscious that our purchasing decisions can have significant environmental and social impacts so we support responsible procurement, looking beyond the usual parameters of price, quality, functionality and availability, and considering issues such as 'food miles', packaging, conditions in which the food has been grown, and other ethical factors. 

Supplier management and confidence

We'll continue to adopt these procurement methods so that you can be confident that all our suppliers have been suitably checked in terms of financial capability, quality, safety and food delivery arrangements.

We ask all our suppliers to demonstrate the steps they take to minimise their environmental impact in key areas such as transport, fleet management, fuel and logistics, packaging and recycling.

As a result, we aim to reduce the amount of unnecessary pollution and minimise the amount of road miles your food travels to get to you.

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